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Doomed Planet

Dec 15, 2022

#081: Fake charities, Curt Cobain's bad art, Margaritaville, mass murder, Anne Heche's grisly demise, suburban lawns, beheadings, dying weekly newspapers and dive bar owning sex offenders: Our 3rd season lampooned the worst of America.

The Doomed Planet Podcast: Documenting the dastardly deeds of criminals in Seattle...

Dec 8, 2022

#080: The Mecca Cafe was once owned by curmudgeon Dick Smith and is now run by entrepreneur and accused serial-rapist David Meinert.

Nov 30, 2022

#079: Stuart Elway has been practicing the dark art of polling since 1975. Elway has worked for almost every major local corporation, advancing their pro-business agendas with often misleading push polls containing deceptive questions and incorrect information.

PLUS: Podcaster, writer and expert on the history of...

Nov 27, 2022

#078: In March 2020 Seattle alt-weekly newspaper the Stranger published their last print edition. We take a look at that issue (warning: Katie Herzog alert) and also examine the paper's late 1990s golden age.

ALSO: R.I.P. Seattle raconteur Tom Chamberlin, and a sneak preview of our episode about unscientific local...

Oct 29, 2022

#077: Halloween Special!

An airplane’s propeller killed Robert J. Scoggins
Baby Eddie Bosley was beheaded by a train

Thaddeus Ward lost his noggin to a sawmill
Ruth Demerritt’s body was found in the rain

Seattle hunters noticed a head that was chopped
An “Oriental” died on an execution block

Ida Hartley was...