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Doomed Planet

Jun 22, 2021

#060: Car Dealer Billy Fuccillo (January 9, 1956 – June 17, 2021) had a slogan for his TV commercials: "it's huge!" His carbon footprint was also huge.

Jun 21, 2021

#059: Seattle rock god Curt Cobain lived on strawberry milk, candy and cigarettes for years. Plus heroin.

Owners of Cobain-related intellectual property turned his legacy into a lucrative industry. Everything Curt Cobain produced – from million-selling records to juvenalia scribbled in high school notebooks – has...

May 27, 2021

#058: Vicky Cornell has turned the estate of her rock star husband into a lucrative cash cow.

A brutal, hard-boiled look at the life, death and afterlife of Chris Cornell: handsome Seattle rock god, brilliant singer and songwriter, competent guitar player and multi-millionaire ... bad chooser of trophy wives.


Apr 26, 2021

#057: Ruminations on the demise of artists Edward Gorey and Charles Schulz, wine critic Tom Stockley and young person Jeff Tilroe. Plus: my Joe Rogan alcohol poisoning experience, the bad art of war criminal G. W. Bush and Chelsea Clinton's punk rock band.

"Death is an important part of our existence. If people...

Jan 25, 2021

#056: Communist Teen discusses recent celebrity deaths including "neolib creep" Larry King, "immoral casino gangster and Republican" Sheldon Adelson, "capitalist psychopath" Phil Spector and Hank Aaron: "kids today don't care about sports, especially baseball."

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