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Doomed Planet

Oct 29, 2022

#077: Halloween Special!

An airplane’s propeller killed Robert J. Scoggins
Baby Eddie Bosley was beheaded by a train

Thaddeus Ward lost his noggin to a sawmill
Ruth Demerritt’s body was found in the rain

Seattle hunters noticed a head that was chopped
An “Oriental” died on an execution block

Ida Hartley was...

Oct 15, 2022

#076: Why suburbs and the lawns that go with them are insane.

PLUS: Caged meth babies, Uncle Grandpa reviews the Impossible Sausage, shoutouts to the Mechanical Freak podcast, J. Paul Getty's disease and an obituary for the guy who invented McMansions.

Oct 1, 2022

#075: Capitalism is the cause of declining frog populations and the solution is not more capitalism.

According to the Syngenta corporation, manufacturer of the Kermit-killing herbicide Atrazine, it "plays a significant role in feeding the world, but it also protects the environment and critical wildlife habitats." Yeah...