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Doomed Planet

Dec 24, 2023

#106: A year of toxic train disasters, graffiti wars, billionaire romance fiction, Danny Bonaduce's retirement, the premiere of cult film Fantasy A Gets a Mattress, the last KISS concert, phallic clams, Seattle restaurant wage and tip theft, Instacart's Satanic IPO and the debut of Genocide Joe. Yuk!

Nov 23, 2023

#105: My lesbian friends and their degenerate black criminal associate arrived at my junk food feast. Then the bible-thrasher neighbor kid said a prayer thanking the aboriginals for dying of European diseases in great numbers before the settler-colonials from that part of the world were able to slaughter them, saving...

Oct 29, 2023

#104: Surprise - the current President of the United States is a war criminal!

Sep 15, 2023

#103: Uncle Grandpa joins us to talk about Agents of Chaos - Sean Howe's great new biography of drug dealer, raconteur and High Times publisher Thomas King Forcade.

Forcade was involved with many happening scenes: underground publishing, drug smuggling, the yippie movement, hippie capitalism, punk rock and, of course,...

Sep 13, 2023

#102: Gig economy food delivery startup Instacart has finally filed for an initial public offering. Sales peaked during the pandemic and are now flat, with little realistic growth on the horizon. An exploitative business model continues to harm the company's image and alienate employees. Formidable competitors...