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Doomed Planet

Jun 22, 2023

#096: Friend of the pod Elaine joins us to discuss the lies in tough on crime rich guy rock star Duff McKagan's autobiography It's So Easy and Other Lies. Has the world finally had enough of Duff? Find out as we dish out the Duff love.

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Jun 18, 2023

#095: Chauncey Wright turned his Klondike gold rush grub stake into a profitable Seattle restaurant empire despite being known to never deny a broke, hungry man a free meal. He pioneered the eight hour restaurant shift and paid his staff the same rate as they had been earning for a ten hour day. He died young, his widow...

Jun 13, 2023

#094: The Gooey Duck Song was a regional hit inspired by the geoduck, a giant mollusk named by aboriginals for it's phallic appearance. 

ALSO: Evergreen college claimed the geoduck as it's mascot in 1971. The Gooey Duck song became a standard campfire ditty for Washington State summer camp kids. Koch brothers lackey...

Jun 8, 2023

#093: Model and actor Carrie Stevens writes about her long-term open relationship with Kiss drummer Eric Carr in Unrated: Revelations of a Rock 'n' Roll Centerfold. This unabashed autobiography fits squarely in the "rock groupie with a poor understanding of feminism" genre. If you're a really good-looking but not...